Streaming issues on my web browser

If you can't play the content or you are unable to open a video, here are a few ways to resolve and improve your viewing experience.

Note: Before you proceed, make sure that your computer/browser is compatible. It should be running:

  • Apple Safari on Mac and iOS
  • Google Chrome on Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu, Android, and Apple Phone+Tablets
  1. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies. You can click on the name of the browser you're currently using to see the proper steps to follow:
  2. Try using another browser and/or device.
  3. Test your internet connection speed: For a reliable viewing experience at medium quality, you need a minimum of 1.5Mb download Internet speed.
  4. Try reloading the page a few times or see if you can access the video from another browser and/or device.

• This also applies to any issues with audio on a particular browser like Chrome or Safari.

• If the video is still not playing or if you encounter any other issues, please reach out to our Support Team.


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