Streaming issues on my Android device

If you see any issues using your Android device when streaming, the following basic troubleshooting steps that work:

Note: Before you proceed, check your device compatibility. Make sure it is running:

  • Mobile and TVs: Android OS versions v8.x (Pie), 9.x (Oreo), 10.x (Q), and higher
  1. Restart and check for the app and phone updates.
  2. Check for a larger app issue. 

Google prepared step-by-step guides for these recommendations that proved to resolve most app issues. You can view them by visiting Google's troubleshooting page here.

If you have gone through all steps and the problem occurs, please feel free to submit a request to our Support Team with the following information. We will be happy to help!

  1. Android phone device model
  2. Phone OS version
  3. Error message (if applicable)
  4. Screenshot of the error message or issue 
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